Empower Your Child Socially And Academically

Over 40 Years Of Top-Quality Early Education And Lasting Friendships

Empower Your Child Socially And Academically

Over 40 Years Of Top-Quality Early Education And Lasting Friendships

Pre-Kindergarten | 4 - 5 Years | Offered at Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac & Silver Spring, MD

Preschool and Pre-K children must be 3 and 4 years old on or before September 1st as part of the MSDE age requirement.

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Children Study Their
World Curriculum (CSW)

With a project-based approach to learning and backed by evidence-based practices,  each Pre-K student has the opportunity to explore, learn and experience the world around them. While using hot topics like, Our Bodies, Our Community, Builders, Showtime, and Babies your child will come home excited about what is happening at school.

Develop Your Child's Mind With Technology

Tech tools like Smartboards, Chromebooks, and iPads will prepare your child for Kindergarten and give your child the mental stimulation they need to thrive in an academically challenging space. 

Ready Your Little One With Social-Emotional Skills

As your child prepares for the new Kindergarten environment, social-emotional skills empower them to connect, interact, and feel confident about themselves in the process. Help them to develop into responsible, mature, independent, and capable individuals.


Federally Funded, Income Based, And Fully Integrated Pre-K Program! Located at our Gaithersburg and Silver Spring Locations.

A Trusted and Committed Team Promote Stability

Your Pre-K student experiences enough changes as they grow and elevate; give them the confidence they need by allowing them to experience a staff qualified to teach and care for them consistently. The environment provides them the tools they need to succeed.

On-Site Cleaners Make For Safe Spaces To Play

On-Site Cleaners Make For Safe Spaces To Play

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your child is staying safe and in a clean environment where their health is a top priority. On-site cleaners ensure regular sanitization and a thorough deep clean daily.

Healthy Meals And Snacks Build Strength

Your little one is growing fast, and our breakfast, lunch, and snack options make sure they have all the energy they need to learn, play, and discover throughout the day.

Advance Your Child's Learning With Smaller Teacher-To-Child Ratios!

This Approach Provides Your Child With:

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten Success

Making sure your child has the necessary tools to prepare them for Kindergarten is a top priority. Kindergarten know-how makes sure your pre-k student feels empowered and more than prepared for their next level. They feel confident and ready to advance.

Parent Partnership To Increase Self-Esteem

Parent partnership is a primary aim; join the Parent-Teacher Exchange Committee or volunteer within the classroom. Your child’s success hinges on this partnership, supporting self-esteem, positive behavior, and school success. Parent involvement enhances their experience.

Parent Partnership To Increase Self-Esteem
Expect Exceptional Safety Measures

Expect Thorough
Safety Measures

Safe and limited access entries, and emergency preparedness keep your Pre-K student in the safest environment possible. The team also communicates via walkie talkie, which helps keep your child safe for your daily peace of mind.

Excite Your Little One With Virtual Field Trips

Virtual trips are an excellent way for your Pre-K student to explore the world around them, learn, and interact with others. They experience a break from their traditional environment while keeping them in a safe space.

Gross Motor Play That Promotes Healthy Living

Gross motor play is just as important as academic learning and development. Play areas and structures, garden areas, a pavilion, and toys will give your child play outdoor options, and large multipurpose rooms are great for group activities.

We’ve Earned Two Sought-After Accreditations


Due to the COVID-19 Health pandemic, Academy will not be allowing any parents or visitors inside our facilities to decrease the risk of exposure. All daily drop-off & pick-ups will take place outside the centers. Each center has its own specific procedure, please contact your center director for more details.

All meals beginning July 6, 2020 will be provided by the parent/guardian. Please plan to pack your child a healthy snack and lunch daily. Please refer to the Academy Family Handbook for healthy food choices in the classroom. Click here

Operating hours vary depending on each Academy location. Please contact the individual center for more information.

At this time, all indoor extra-curricular activities (i.e. soccer, ballet, yoga) have been cancelled until further notice.

Each center is equipped with trained staff to facilitate the sanitation of toys and manipulatives throughout the day in addition to frequently touched surfaces. Each evening after pick-up, our buildings are professionally cleaned topped to bottom! 

Academy follows guidance provided by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other state and local health officials. Please refer to the most recent COVID-19 guidance for licensed child care here: https://earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org/system/files/filedepot/3/covid_guidance_full_080420.pdf

Each age group and program have their own capacity guidelines provided by the Maryland State Department of Education. Check with your center director for details.
Space permitting, part-week and part-day schedules are available at most of our locations for select programs.

Yes! On October 7, 2021 Academy’s Board of Directors announced its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for employees. As of December 9, 2021 we are happy to announce 100% of Academy’s staff members are fully vaccinated.

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