Parent Reviews

Angelina Koutsos

We chose Academy because of the environment, both the physical classroom as well as the experienced teachers. The classrooms are large, open, clean, and provide toys and activities that are appropriate for the age. From our first interaction, it was clear that the teachers had an abundance of experience and that nothing my child did surprised them. The teachers and all of the staff got to know my child and shared conversations and interactions that they had with him that made it clear to me that they knew him. They take the time to know each child individually. After Covid, it was a big decision to send him back. After a few conversations and reading through their updated contract with all of the precautions that they were taking, it became a much easier decision. From the time they were forced to close to the time they reopened, we had clear communication. It was clear they had a plan and were going above and beyond to keep everyone safe while allowing children to be together for much needed social interaction and learning environment. The word "clear" seems to be a theme for me and my decision to send my son to Academy. In the world today, we need clarity and transparency to make decisions for our children. Academy provides us with that clarity. Thank you for everything you do!

Daliris & Juan

Throughout the last 5 years, Academy has been like a second home to our family. We felt comfortable with the enriched environment and at ease with the staff from the first moment we stepped into the building. Our daughter started when she was 4 months old, and has been surrounded by love, patience, and care. Every single Academy staff member has made a profound impact on our daughter's development, now only educational, but socially and emotionally. The love and care they have show our daughter all of these years is something that we will never forget. We know that when we drop her off, they take care of her just like we would. Academy will always have a place in our hearts.

M. Atwill

I want to say thank you so much for the enjoyable time my son spent at Academy school-age all these years!!!

Sahil Rajan

We have been very pleased with Academy Primary School. Our children have been attending the school for many years. Our daughter has made her way from toddler to kindergartner at Academy and our son has been there since he was an infant. We chose Academy because of its wonderful staff, engaging curriculum and their excellent facilities. Our children love their teachers and are excited every morning to go to school. As toddlers, the educational curriculum was not as important as it is to us now that my daughter is a kindergartener. She has excelled considerably and she is now even able to read at a second grade level. It's harder to keep things from her now when she can read things for herself! The classrooms are large, have engaging toys and games and the school grounds have a great playground for the kids' adventures. My daughter has made amazing friends at school and our weekends are always full of play dates.

We have seen the school through many seasons and challenges over the years. The greatest challenge was that of the Coronavirus pandemic. The school is very organized and was able to work with the State of Maryland to open for classes. The ability that the school was able to open has been vital to our family. We have been able to return to semi normal and we know that our children are in good hands with the measures the school has put in place.

Now more than ever, we are very happy to have our children attend Academy Primary School.

Pavel Khrimian & Zara Kocharyan

Thank you Academy Child Development Center for taking great care of both of our daughters, and providing a safe and enriching environment. We enrolled our little one at the Academy after a great experience with our older daughter. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable and caring. We are very happy with the choice we made.

S. Goodwin

The amount of love and support we received from the Academy staff during what had to be the hardest part of my life is immeasurable!

N. Wheeler

Words cannot express the gratitude my family has for Academy. After almost 3 years, we still feel very grateful for the enrichment our daughter experiences each day at the Academy. We love everything about Academy from the programs, to the field trips, to the amazing group of Teachers and Staff Members. Our daughter has learned and grown so much over the years. As a parent, nothing means more than the reassurance that our children are happy. Thank you Academy!

Michael Nolan

“We had our three year old at another child care but we were just not that happy with it. When we found Academy, the professionalism of the director was noticeable from the start and it just got better from there. Very quickly we transferred our daughter to Academy and have been happy ever since. Even when COVID struck almost two years into our relationship with Academy, management continued to impress with their handling of the situation and commitment to service. Furthermore, the teachers have become like family. Our daughter loves them and she is truly flourishing here.”

The Barclay Family, Active Duty Military

We wanted to thank you and all the staff involved in Jett's development. Everyone there was always very welcoming and that never faded. We are glad that Jett was able to be under Academy's care. I can tell Jett thrive there and loved going (once he adjusted of course). In just the past month, Jett went from a few simple one word phrases to attempting 2 word phrases and experimenting with many more words that he hears and hasn't said before. Academy has set our standards for child care very high. We were very impressed with how many different activities the program incorporated into his curriculum. Again, thank you for everything and we wish we could have said our goodbyes to everyone in person. We will miss the Academy Family!

Shelley & Patrick McGinness

What a gift to have been a part of the Academy family for six years! It has been a place where our daughters formed friendships, tapped into their creative sides, participated in sports and other outdoor activities and gained self-confidence. They certainly had fun, but they also learned and grew. Most importantly, I know my daughters were genuinely cared about by each and every Academy staff member and we feel extremely lucky to have had the Academy staff, especially Mr. Luis, be a part of their elementary years.

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