Bring On The Adventure With K.A.V.E. Club Summer Program

Weekly Themes Offer Immersive Learning Experiences That Are Academically Challenging And Seriously Fun

Bring On The Adventure With
K.A.V.E. Club Summer Camp

Weekly Themes Offer Immersive Learning Experiences That Are Academically Challenging And Seriously Fun

Summer Program | K-5th GRADE |Serving Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Potomac & Silver Spring, MD

Weekly Themes Offer Academics Mixed With Fun

Weekly Themes Offer Academics Mixed With Fun

Weekly K.A.V.E. Club themes keep learning fun and engaging. Your child’s in-class learning grows even while out of school, so they’re ready to enter the new year and excel.

Safety In The Sun For A Worry-Free Summer

Attentive teachers with walkie talkies are in continuous communication with each other; plus, they’re always near to keep a close eye on your child. Extra measures like restricted access let you know your child is safe for a fun, worry-free summer.

Your Child Feels At Home Among A Tight-Knit Team

With staying power clocked at more than 39 years, your child is in experienced, expert care. Average teacher tenure surpasses ten years, and your child can feel they’re in a home away from home environment as professionals with loads of heart nurture them.

Cleaning Staff Keep Your Child Healthy

An on-site pro cleaning team means your child’s tools and spaces stay scrubbed and clean, keeping your child’s health a top priority and giving you worry-free peace of mind.
Cleaning Staff Keep Your Child Healthy

Amazing Playgrounds And Indoor Gyms For Exercise

Every day there’s play, and where better to do that than on the playground? Age-segregated areas offer your child safe spaces to challenge growing muscles and make friends. On rainy days, indoor gyms host team games and obstacle courses that are so much fun.

Field Trips Show Your Child A World Of Possibilities

Museums, parks, and more, your child gets to take in new sights and experiences at favorite local destinations. Stepping outside of the usual gives your child opportunities to learn new things, and they have fun sharing the experience with friends.

Social Skills They'll Use For A Lifetime

Getting messy with new friends and playing team games exercises essential social skills your child needs in the classroom and out. Summer is most fun when it’s shared, and good friends give your child the memorable summer they deserve.

Our Accreditation Means You Are In The Right Place

Maryland State Accreditation, along with Maryland EXCELS accolades, prove your child is in excellent care with Maryland Child Care Credentialed teachers. Benchmarks like safety and influential academics are a given, and let you know you made the right choice.

Sibling Discounts Help The Whole Family Thrive

Your children love being together in a fun space with friends and hands-on activities. Take advantage of the added convenience when all your children enjoy an educational, fun summer program together.

Summer Program Weekly Themes

Week #1

Blast off into Summer

Summer will begin with an exploration into outer space. Rockets, constellations and moon sand are some of the activities that children can enjoy. 

June 21-25

Week #2

 Community Unity

This last year has heightened our sense of “community”. Staff will help children identify what the needs of the immediate community is and ways that we can help our environment and/or helping community members. A culminating group activity will bring the week to a close. 

June 28 - July 2

Week #3

 Super Sleuths

Children should come ready to investigate some mysteries by solving clues together in a spy kit, mystery box activities and completing crazy scavenger hunts. 

July 6 - 9

Week #4

KAVE Olympics

The world will finally be able to hold the Olympic Games this summer and we will do the same by putting a silly spin on it…Children vs. Staff games, relay races and mind games will be at the top of the list this week. 

July 12 - 16

Week #5

 Aquatic Adventures

Water games, water relays, water play, art with water and water science experiments! It will never be a dull day. (Bring extra clothes this week!)

July 19 - 23

Week #6


Children will design a maze for their peers to walk through, make catapults, have fun with science experiments and create walking paper horses for our Derby Day! 

July 26 - 30

Week #7


Come to the summer experience with your Pirate name and we will have a great time solving puzzles to reveal where to find some awesome treasures, create jeweled-inspired crafts, play games such as
‘capture the flag’ and ‘walk the plank’.  Don’t get left on the dock!

August 2 - 6

Week #8

 Under the Big Top!

Under the KAVE Big Top is a fun circus-themed week! Kids will have opportunities to show off their unusual talents, play some carnival games and make and eat some yummy circus treats. Reserve your seat! 

August 9 - 13

Week #9

 Moovin’ & Groovin’

Moovin’ & Groovin’ will have us active and engaged. Moonbouce fun, waterplay, soccer, water balloons, kickball and relay races are just a few of the activities that are in the works for that week.

August 16 - 20

Week #10

Artist Round Up

This week will bring the summer to a close by showcasing the talented kids that we have in our program. Staff will support and motivate the interest of each child and work that interest into a Virtual Summer Showcase on the last day of the program. Some interests might include music, art, sports, photography, acting, architecture…just to name a few! 

August 23 - 25

We’ve Earned Two Sought-After Accreditations


Due to the COVID-19 Health pandemic, Academy will not be allowing any parents or visitors inside our facilities to decrease the risk of exposure. All daily drop-off & pick-ups will take place outside the centers. Each center has its own specific procedure, please contact your center director for more details.

All meals beginning July 6, 2020 will be provided by the parent/guardian. Please plan to pack your child a healthy snack and lunch daily. Please refer to the Academy Family Handbook for healthy food choices in the classroom. Click here

Operating hours vary depending on each Academy location. Please contact the individual center for more information.

At this time, all indoor extra-curricular activities (i.e. soccer, ballet, yoga) have been cancelled until further notice.

Each center is equipped with trained staff to facilitate the sanitation of toys and manipulatives throughout the day in addition to frequently touched surfaces. Each evening after pick-up, our buildings are professionally cleaned topped to bottom! 

Academy follows guidance provided by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other state and local health officials. Please refer to the most recent COVID-19 guidance for licensed child care here:

Each age group and program have their own capacity guidelines provided by the Maryland State Department of Education. Check with your center director for details.
Space permitting, part-week and part-day schedules are available at most of our locations for select programs.

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Elizabeth Barclay
Elizabeth Barclay
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"Everyone there were always very welcoming and that never faded. We are glad our child was able to be under Academy’s care."
M. Atwill
M. Atwill
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"I want to say thank you so much for the enjoyable time my son spent at Academy school-age all these years!!!"
 S. Goodwin
S. Goodwin
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"The amount of love and support we received from the Academy staff during what had to be the hardest part of my life is immeasurable!"
N. Wheeler
N. Wheeler
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"We love everything about Academy from the programs, to the field trips, to the amazing group of Teachers and Staff Members. "
 Shelley & Patrick McGinness
Shelley & Patrick McGinness
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"I know my daughters were genuinely cared about by each and every Academy staff member and we feel extremely lucky to have had the Academy staff, especially Mr. Luis, be a part of their elementary years."
Pavel Khrimian & Zara Kocharyan
Pavel Khrimian & Zara Kocharyan
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"Thank you Academy Child Development Center for taking great care of both of our daughters, and providing a safe and enriching environment. "
Daliris & Juan
Daliris & Juan
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"Every single Academy staff member has made a profound impact on our daughter's development, now only educational, but socially and emotionally."
The Barclay Family, Active Duty Military
The Barclay Family, Active Duty Military
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"We wanted to thank you and all the staff involved in Jett's development. Everyone there was always very welcoming and that never faded. We are glad that Jett was able to be under Academy's care."

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